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How to embed Sazneo inside another application or web site

Brett Davis
posted this on January 21, 2012, 12:56

Integration methods available:

  • Sazneo can be embedded within any other application or website using Sazneo Embed

Sazneo embeddable chat window

Embedding Sazneo into another application, web application or website, takes about 5 minutes. Follow these steps;

  1. Make sure you are logged into Sazneo and looking at the channel you wish to embed in another application. Create the channel first if it doesn't exist
  2. Look at the URL at the top of your browser and make a note of the channel number, e.g. (The channel number is “1234” in this case)
  3. The URL to embed this channel into another application is: 
  4. Embed the channel into your target application in the same way you would embed a normal web page, e.g. using an iFrame for a web site

  5. That's it!

Additional Settings for Internet Explorer when accessing Sazneo Embed from an Intranet site

Internet Explorer 7 and beyond has a "Protected Mode", meaning that external websites embedded into internal sites (e.g. SharePoint) may not function correctly when using cookies. This can manifest itself with the Sazneo Embed not logging in when being accessed from your Intranet site.

To prevent this happening just add "" to your "Trusted Sites".

  • In Internet Explorer select "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu, followed by the "Security" tab. Then select "Trusted Sites" and click on the "Sites" button, here you can add our website "".

Alternatively, make the changes centrally for all users by contacting your Windows Domain Administrator at your company.

Example code for an iFrame

Here is some example code to embed channel 2986 using an iFrame:




Users of the embedded chat window will be prompted to log into Sazneo if they have not done so already. Ticking “Stay signed in” on the login page will mean you won't get prompted on that computer in the future.

For tighter integration requirements, a full set of web services is available. The documentation is here.


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