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How to integrate Sazneo with Pivotal Tracker

Brett Davis
posted this on March 13, 2012, 11:38

Integration method available:

  • The ability to receive notifications from Pivotal Tracker into a Sazneo channel

First you need to set up a Sazneo endpoint:

1) Go to the "endpoints" tab in the Sazneo "administration" menu (admins only).
2) Click on "create new endpoint", enter a name for your endpoint and select the "Pivotal Tracker" template.
3) Next choose which channel you wish the messages to be posted in to.
4) Finally make a note of your unique 'Endpoint URL' that you have just created as you will need this later on.

Setting up Pivotal Tracker:

1) Once you are signed into Pivotal Tracker go to the settings page for the Project you wish to integrate with Sazneo.
2) Click on the "Integrations" tab and scroll down to the "Activity Web Hook" section.
3) Enter the URL of the Sazneo endpoint that you wish the feed to point.
4) Leave API Version as "v3" then click "Save Web Hook Settings".

The selected Sazneo channel will now display change details whenever a story activity is carried out in Pivotal Tracker.

If you need any further assistance just contact us at

Helpful Tools:

Working with webhooks can be a bit tricky when trying to diagnose a problem but once set up they are a really good way to integrate web applications and add value to the services you are using. We often use the following tools to help us diagnose any issues:

* allows you to send test data to the webhooks you are setting up in Sazneo.
* allows you to see the data you are receiving from services such as Pivotal Tracker.

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